President Trump requested a mail-in ballot even as he assailed voting-by-mail. New Jersey will send ballots to all 6.3.

VIDEO: On This Day, July 13- Happy Birthday, Sir Patrick Stewart! – Stewart’s impressive list of credits spans more than 40 years and countless memorable roles, including recent acclaimed performances in "Green Room," "Match," and the starz COMEDY "Blunt Talk.".

Funding For Post Office, Mail-In Voting Stall Coronavirus Relief Talks – President Trump on Wednesday repeated the unsubstantiated claim that he would not support wide use of mail-in voting because.

Project Runway Season 10 Cast Rounding out their three-part project is the online screening of “A Season Of Migration To The North,” a work by artist Lars Laumann that tells the story of gay activist Eddie Esmail. Cast Of Heartbeat

The ‘Family Guy’ creator will produce a new series called ‘Blunt Talk’, and guess who will star? None other than one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood Mr Patrick Stewart, who you will soon see as.

Shazad Latif is cast in the period dramaCredit.

Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, Blunt Talk, and Dracula. Beattie Edmondson will star in The Pursuit of LoveCredit: Getty Images Beattie.

Young Guns 3 Cast Collin Morikawa delivers iconic shot to win PGA Championship – He knew the tee on the 16th at Harding Park would be moved forward at the PGA Championship. He said during practice rounds. The movie

The 40-year-old star has stepped behind the camera again for the horror sequel and while he admitted that having very little dialogue had benefits when it came to communicating with the cast.