From Grey’s Anatomy to This Is Us, from Modern Family to The Office, a lot of our favorite TV shows would look, well, a lot different had certain casting decisions zigged rather than zagged.

FOX411 brings you the updates on your favorite cast members.

During the final season of ‘Home Improvement’ Allen was paid $1.25 million for every episode he starred in. He won a Golden Globe.

Northmen: A Viking Saga Cast The Cast Of Smurfs Parasite may have been made in South Korea with a Korean cast, but did you notice the Canadian woman who made a cameo in the first few minutes of the film?

Smallville started the trend and the Arrowverse.

as the flawed and misguided man [.

] "Supernatural" Season 2, Episode 1 "In My Time of Dying": When It Became MY Show.


Smallville: Where Are They Now? |⭐ OSSA RadarMichael Shanks – After a decade-long stint as fan favorite Dr. Daniel Jackson in the Sci-Fi Channel’s number-one hit show “Stargate SG-1,” Michael.

CW hit “Smallville” during its 10-season run as.

1. The writer of ‘Girl’s Trip’ penned it ‘Little.

and loaned her voice to ‘Bojack Horseman’ last year. Another notable cast member is Justin Hartley, who plays a teacher on whom 13-year.

Although This Is Us is the actor’s best-known role, many fans remember him from Passions, The Young and the Restless, or perhaps, as Smallville’s Green Arrow. During a sit down with Entertainment. The trials and tribulations of a female doctor (Jane.

The actor originally played Clark Kent on ‘Smallville’ and reprised his role for a short cameo in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’. "Harley Quinn" on DC Universe has a familiar voice cast bringing some.

As it is, in most scenes Red Son barely even looks like a movie set in the past. The voice cast is rock solid, however. Red Son wisely doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel with most of these.