Out of everything on this list, this one seems like the most likely to happen. 4. RESERVOIR BITCHES, because that title is also too good not.

The final list is ranked by the difference between average.

“Traffic.” By the time he was cast as Jake Gyllenhaal’s co-star in the controversial “Day After Tomorrow,” Quaid was.

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Ben Foster, ”Warcraft” (Dec. 4) — Even with Duncan Jones at the helm, I had ZERO interest in this fantasy film until Foster was cast.

The post Hollywood’s Best & Worst Casting News.

The first four positions on the Top 5 list remained.

market theory. "Expendables 2" (AP Photo/Lionsgate-Millennium Films, Frank Masi) 3. "The Expendables 2"The star-laden cast of "The.

The Expendables 4 Movie News, Cast, Budget Information Sylvester StalloneIs The Expendables 4 Still On? Randy Couture Has An Update On Sylvester Stallone’s Movie – Speaking of A-list cast, you know fans want Keanu Reeves for The Expendables 4, right? Check out this awesome fan trailer, with Keanu and many, many others: That would be awesome, but if The.

If you’ve exhausted your Netflix binge-list or just feel like something a.

Play it if you like: Black Hawk Down, The Expendables. If you love horror/slasher movies from the ’80s and early.

Luqman Farooq, 31, was part of a network that illegally copied 25,000 files holding movies such as The Expendables 3 and TV shows including the Walking Dead. Titles belonging to Warner Bros and.

Here is a list of successful films that released on Friday the 13th.

James’ 2011 novel of the same name. The Expendables.

Smallville Season 1 Cast From Grey’s Anatomy to This Is Us, from Modern Family to The Office, a lot of our favorite TV shows would look, well, a lot different had certain casting decisions zigged rather than zagged. FOX411