Sundance 2020: Elle Lorraine is riveting to watch as she plays an ambitious producer forced to solve the unexplained.

Now “Bad Hair,” about a woman battling her own killer weave and other insidious.

They spent a long weekend in Palm Springs.

Pre-screening buzz suggests that “Bad Hair” could be embraced by younger audiences. Marketing hooks include ’90s nostalgia,

“Bad Hair” writer and director Justin Simien always intended for his horror-satire film to spark a conversation about the way.

Cast Of The Fix The task isn’t to fix the entire world all at once; that isn’t possible. Most important of all, we invite it when we cast. How Mitch McConnell is reshaping the Senate in age of Trump,

One of the (many) reasons we love Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn is how it portrays an.

Hulu is nearing a deal for worldwide distribution rights for Justin Simien’s "Bad Hair," an individual with knowledge told.

NELL CARTER, CHERYL BERNES ANNIE GOLDEN STARS OF "HAIR" film (1979)Bad Hair – The hierarchy of hair and skin tone is firmly established from the first frame of the film with traditional black 80’s styles.

Sundance: ‘Bad Hair’ Team on Using Classic Horror Tropes to Tell a Provocative Black Story – Now he’s back at Sundance with “Bad Hair,” a 1989-set horror movie starring breakout Elle Lorraine as the survivor of a scalp.

Chasing Classic Cars Cast Wayne’s father asks him to find the rare Ford Model A-400 he owned and sold decades before. The search leads nowhere – until Wayne follows a new trail. Wayne Carini is asked to sell six